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Abundant Energy

A leader in solar energy systems in southeast Florida.

Abundant Energy has been the trusted provider of residential and commercial solar energy systems in southeast Florida since 1987. Our solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are trusted by homeowners and businesses from Broward to St. Lucie counties.

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Our History

Our heritage in Palm Beach Gardens dates to 1987, before solar energy developed into the buzzword for conservation and clean air that it is today. Founder William (Bill) A. Hoysradt, Jr. started the company out of his home, hauling and installing solar panels from the back of a 1982 gold El Camino. After 6,000 installations, corporate headquarters were moved to Jupiter. In the ’90s we acquired Sunworks of Broward, extending operations from Broward County in the south to St. Lucie County in the north.

With over 12,000 customers and more than 15MW of installed solar electric, Abundant Energy continues to be a trusted leader in Florida’s solar energy market.

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Free Consultation

We offer free consultations both in-home and via phone/Skype. If you are passionate about playing a role in reducing fossil fuel consumption or want to dramatically lower your electric bills, we’ll explain the many advantages of quiet, reliable solar heating for your pool, home, community or business without the use of confusing industry jargon or false promises. Coupled with our on-site evaluation, our solar consultation provides a site plan and accurate down to the penny quote on which to base an intelligent cost/benefits decision.

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Our Customers

Solar energy customers producing clean energy today

Residential Solar

Abundant Energy has installed solar systems that have helped over 12,500 residential customers from Broward to St. Lucie counties dramatically reduce or eliminate their electrical bills. 99.94% of Florida’s power through FPL is provided through a combination of natural gas, nuclear, coal and purchased power, and only 0.38% solar.

Commercial Customers


Solar panels are basically alike; it’s the people who make the difference. We always provide references to those who ask, and we are proud to do so.

Today’s Testimonial

“From the purchase process, to installation, to excellent service, Abundant Energy is always there with answers when we need them.”


Abundant Energy provides bright futures in solar energy. Solar jobs are ideal for clean energy advocates.

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