Residential Solar Panels in Jupiter | How Solar Batteries Work

Solar panel systems have become one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in the United States. The popularity of solar power has led to the rise of another renewable technology, solar batteries. Solar batteries can store extra solar power for later use. How do they work exactly? Well, let’s take a deeper look at how solar batteries work in relation to residential solar panels in Jupiter.

How Do They Work?

The typical solar energy system includes solar panels, an inverter, equipment to mount the panels on your roof, and a performance monitoring system that tracks electricity production. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which is passed through the inverter and converted into a form that you can use to power your home. While most systems are tied to the electricity grid, if you have a solar battery, instead of sending excess energy back to the power grid, or pulling from it, you can store it for later use.

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How Do the Panels Charge the Batteries?

Solar batteries work by converting the AC energy being produced by your solar panels and storing it as DC power for later use. When you install a solar battery as part of your solar panel system, you are able to store excess solar electricity at your home instead of sending it back to the grid. If your solar panels are producing more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes towards charging the battery instead of going back to the grid.

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