Solar Panel Installation in Florida | What to Know Before Installation

As the cost of solar panels becomes more affordable, they are becoming more popular. It’s important though when considering having solar panels installed on your home to make sure that you are not only a candidate but that you have also done your prep work. Let’s take a look at some important things you need to know before solar panel installation in Florida.

Will Your Roof Support Solar Panels?

This is by far the most important thing to figure out before you have solar panels installed. In fact, you should find out the answer to this before even making initial contact with a solar panel company. If your roof structure isn’t conducive to solar panels, or it sits in the shade the majority of the day you might not be a viable candidate for solar panels.

Which Kind of Solar is Best for You?

The two dominant solar technologies to pick from are photovoltaic, which uses arrays of cells to turn sunlight into electricity, and thermal, which uses sunlight to heat water or air for use inside. If your home uses a lot of energy for heating, or you live somewhere where heating fuel is expensive relative to electricity, thermal is best for you.

Who can I call for solar panel installation in Florida?

How Much Solar Energy Will You Use?

The amount of solar energy you need to produce depends on how much you use. An energy audit will give you a good idea of how much solar energy that you will use.

Are You Looking for Solar Panel Installation in Florida?

If you are considering solar panels and are a candidate for it, consider Abundant Energy. Contact us today to learn more and to get a quote.