Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter | How Durable Are Solar Panels?

Solar cells are made of crystalline cells. The cells are only a few millimeters thick, and by themselves, they are actually quite fragile. Solar panels are made up of several solar cells with a frame around the edge to protect the cells. Let’s take a look at just how durable solar panels are and how potential issues can lead to solar panel repair in Jupiter.


Lack of moving parts is one reason why solar panels are very durable. They are able to withstand wide ranges of temperatures, weather conditions, and outside factors. They are also rigorously tested to stay strong against tree limbs, hail storms, 120+ mile per hour wind, and more.

Who offers solar panel repair in Jupiter?

Potential Issues

While solar panels are very durable, panel placement and location can affect durability. Panels should be kept away from areas that are prone to damage, such as from falling rocks or trees. Solar panels are not impenetrable. Generally, if it will break your roof, it will more than likely break your solar panels.

Are You in Need of Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter?

Regular maintenance can extend the longevity of your solar panels. Sometimes accidents and disasters still happen though. If something happens to your solar panels, we can help. At Abundant Energy, we offer technicians that are extensively trained in-house in all ways to repair solar panels. We offer as-needed maintenance at hourly rates, as well as prepaid Maintenance Agreements for a set period, or for the life of the equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can service and repair your solar panels.