Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter | Troubleshooting Tips

Solar pool heaters have incredible benefits, both financially and environmentally. Like any other components with moving parts, it’s important that the heater is running well to achieve optimal usage. In some cases, you will need a solar pool heater repair in Jupiter. In some cases, though, you can fix it yourself. Let’s take a look at the latter and look at some of the more common things that happen with solar pool heaters.

Small Bubbles Going into the Pool

If your system is on and running but you are seeing small bubbles, it’s the first sign of a flow problem. The majority of the time, this can be fixed by simply cleaning the filter. If that doesn’t solve the problem though it could be a bigger issue. In that case, the vacuum relief valve might need to be replaced. In extreme cases, the entire pump might need to be replaced.

Who offers solar pool heater repair in Jupiter?

The Pool Isn’t Heating

Sometimes your pool service person will flip off the solar system. This is the most common reason for the pool not heating. It can be remedied by simply hitting the toggle switch on the solar valve. In other cases, service might need to be performed on the control system. Sometimes the control sensor will fail and, as a result, need to be replaced.

Are You Needing a Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter?

If you are having issues with your solar pool heater, you might need to have a technician come out and look at it. If that’s the case, contact us today at Abundant Energy.