Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter | Can a Solar Pool Heater Do the Job?

As more people transition to going more green, solar energy has become more popular. That includes heating pools too. Unless your property is covered in dense trees, it just makes sense to use the sun to heat your pool. Let’s take a deeper look at how solar pool heaters work and how you can get a solar pool heater repair in Jupiter done.

Your Solar Heat Can Be Used to Cool the Pool Too

While you might think the purpose of a solar pool heater is to heat your pool, it can also drop the temperature as well. During the summer months when it is hot out, you can run the solar panels at night and drop the pool temperature.

Solar Panels Can Be Installed for In Ground and Above Ground Pools

Solar panels can be attached to the roof, hung on a rack, hung vertically on a fence and even laid flat on the ground. Solar pool panels are very easy to install and are very lightweight. They are made from a durable black polyolefin, a polymer with excellent heat absorption properties.

Who does solar pool heater repair in Jupiter?

Do Solar Pool Heaters Really Work?

Solar panels really do work if you have a sunny property, provided that you install enough panels to cover at least 50% of your pool’s surface.

Are You in Need of Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter?

If you have a solar pool heater and are looking to have it repaired, look no further than Abundant Energy. Contact us today to learn more about how our trained technicians can repair your solar pool heater today.