Solar Power System in Florida | Solar Power Misconceptions

Whenever an alternative form of technology comes out there are detractors. Over the years, there have been things said about solar energy that isn’t true. Unfortunately, enough of the right people have stated that they are that the general public has begun to believe it. Let’s take a look at some misconceptions about solar power and a solar power system in Florida.

Solar Panels Won’t Work When Cloudy

While solar panels work their best in the sunshine, just because it’s cloudy out doesn’t mean they won’t work. Solar panels work by collecting visible light, and clouds still reflect visible light given off by the sun. That means your solar panels will still work, even on a cloudy day.

Solar Panels Will Harm Your Roof

Looking at the panels and the system that goes along with it, people think that it will harm or damage their roof. That is not the case. Solar panel design and installation have improved over the years. They are designed not only to NOT harm your roof, but they can also serve as a roof protector.

Why should I get a solar power system in Florida?

Solar Panels Are an Eyesore

When it comes to solar panels, some people think that they will be an eyesore and drop the value of their home. That’s not the case. Solar panels are now being designed with aesthetics in mind. It also won’t drop your home value. With the growing popularity of solar panels, it will actually increase the value of your home.

Are You Looking for a Solar Power System in Florida?

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