Solar Power System in Florida | Types of Home Solar Power Systems

Residential solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular. Not only is it good for the environment, it also saves a significant amount of money when it comes to eclectic costs. It even has tax benefits. There are three different types of solar power systems for residential homes: grid inter-tied, grid inter-tied with battery backup, and off-grid. Let’s take a look at the different types so you can determine which solar power system in Florida is best for you.

Grid Inter-Tied

A grid inter-tied solar power system is directly connected to the home and to the traditional electric utility grid. Grid inter-tied systems allow the homeowners to get power from either the home electric system or the utility grid. The ability to switch between the residential system and the grid is seamless. The main advantage of this kind of system is the ability to balance the system production and home power requirements. Grid inter-tied systems are the lowest cost type of residential solar electric system, due to having fewer required components.

Grid Inter-Tied with Battery Backup

A grid inter-tied solar power system is also connected to the traditional utility power grid and adds battery-backup to the system. The addition of a battery backup enables the system to balance production and demand and protects against power outages. The battery backup system can be used when the system is producing less electricity than is needed at that time.

Where can I find a solar power system in Florida?

Off Grid

An off-grid residential system is completely disconnected from the traditional electric power grid. Without a connection to the utility grid, batteries are essential to balance periods of excess production and excess demand.

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