Solar Water Heater in Florida | What You Need to Know

As people become more conscious about their effect on the environment, solar-powered systems have become more popular. That includes solar water heaters. While solar water heaters can save you money in the long run and is better for the environment, many people are still hesitant about them. Let’s take a look at some things you need to know about a solar water heater in Florida.

What Happens If the Sun Isn’t Shining?

You might be thinking that you can’t get a solar unit because it will limit when you can use it. That’s not the case. First off, even if it’s cloudy out you can still get power for your solar heater. Also, when the sun is shining bright, your unit will store any excess energy you aren’t using so it can be used during times where new energy can’t be collected.

Where can I find a solar water heater in Florida?

When Will I Start to See a Return on My Investment?

While you might think the upfront cost is high for a solar water heater, it’s important to remember the financial benefits you will see in the long-run. For starters, solar units come with tax breaks. In addition, the savings you will see on your water and electric bills will be significant as well. In fact, within about 5 years of getting your unit, it will have paid itself off.

Are You Looking for a Solar Water Heater in Florida?

If you are thinking about getting a solar water heater, Abundant Energy has you covered. We can answer any question you may have in regards to a solar powered system and let you know how the process works. Contact us today to learn more.