Solar Panel Installation Florida | Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

What are the benefits of solar panel installation florida?

When it comes to powering your home, there used to be a limited amount of options. Now that is no longer the case. Getting information about solar panel installation Florida is simple and the benefits of solar panels are plain to see for all.

Reduces or Eliminates Your Energy Bills

The biggest payoff that you will see from a solar panel is that it almost eliminates your energy bill. Even in areas that do not get a ton of sunlight, having solar panels can greatly reduce the cost of energy for your homes. In places like Florida, you’d be foolish to not get solar panels installed. Even if think it is expensive to install, the longtime payoff of having these panels far outweigh the costs.

Earns You a Tax Credit or Rebate

Thankfully, there are ways to help alleviate the cost of installing solar panels. For starters, you get 30 percent of the total cost back to you via a federal income tax credit. This means if you were to install a system that costs $25,000 that you would get $7,500 back in the credit. Combined with state and other local rebates, the total cost can be cut in half.

Helps the Environment

The most obvious benefit of having solar panels is the environmental impact. Producing energy is one of the single most damaging things to the environment and has played a big role in global warming trends. Solar panels allow you to greatly reduce your demand for non-renewable energy. If a large percentage of the population all of a sudden doesn’t need a non-renewable energy source, then the environment is that much better off for it.

Where can I get good solar panel installation Florida?

Looking for Solar Panel Installation Florida?

Have you been looking for more information about solar panel installation Florida? If so, contact us today. Abundant Energy is here to help you find the energy source of your choice.

Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter | Repairing Solar Roof Panels

Who has the best residential solar panels in Florida?

Solar energy has great environmental and financial benefits. When a solar energy system is working properly, you will see significant savings when it comes to your electric bill. However, when a solar system isn’t running properly the savings may not be as noticeable. That’s why it’s important to perform regular maintenance and take care of any necessary repairs. Let’s take a look at how you can handle a solar panel repair in Jupiter.

Determine How Much Damage

This step is vital because determining the damage will help in determining if you can fix it yourself or if you will need to call a professional. Check everything from the mounting frame, to the glass components, and even down to its wiring.

Figure Out What You Will Need

After you have determined the damage, you can begin to put a plan in place to fix it. See what you will need in order to make the repairs. In some cases, you might already have the tools necessary to make the repairs in your home. In other cases, you might need to go out and purchase items for the repair job.

What is solar panel repair in Jupiter

Make the Necessary Repairs

It is important when making the repairs to not stay safe, but also make sure that everything is secure. Since you will likely be on the roof, you will want to take the necessary precautions to make sure that you are safe during the entire repair process.

Are You in Need of Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter?

When it comes to making repairs to a solar system, it’s important not to do anything unless you know what you are doing. If you are in need of repairs, it pays to call a professional. Contact us today to learn more about our repair services.

Solar Panel Maintenance in Florida | Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Who are the best solar panel installers in Florida?

While solar panels don’t tend to require a lot of cleaning, it also doesn’t mean that they should be forgotten about. If you live somewhere with high amounts of smog, dust, dirt or sand blowing around then you will need to clean the panels more often. For those that don’t fall under that category, rain will usually do the trick. However, when you do want to take the time and give them a proper cleaning, it’s important to know what to do. Let’s take a look at how you can clean your solar panels using solar panel maintenance in Florida.

What Cleaning Products Can I Use?

When it comes to cleaning solar panels, the most important thing to do is avoid scratching or damaging the glass. Any damage that is done to the glass will reduce the panel’s energy production. Dish soap and warm water applied with a soft sponge or cloth is the safest and easiest cleaning method. It may also be helpful to use a squeegee to remove dirty water. The key is to avoid damaging the glass at all costs.

Where can I get solar panel maintenance in Florida?

Am I Better Off Hiring a Cleaning Service?

You can clean your car or house yourself or pay someone else to do it. Same goes for your solar panels. There are services out there that provide professional solar panel cleaning. If your solar panels are located on your roof, you might be better off hiring a cleaning service for safety reasons. Professional solar panel cleaners are experienced when it comes to maneuvering around the roof to clean the panels. They also have products that they know won’t damage the glass.

Are You in Need of Solar Panel Maintenance in Florida?

If you are looking for o=solar panel maintenance or repair, look no further than Abundant Energy. We offer maintenance plans perfect for your solar panels. Contact us today to learn more.

Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter | Repairing Solar Panels

What is solar panel repair in Jupiter

Solar panels can be a great thing for your home. They can lower your energy costs and help the environment at the same time. Because they tent to be mounted on the roof though, they are constantly being exposed to the elements. Sometimes, something happens and a solar panel gets damaged. Let’s take a look at some things you can do when you need solar panel repair in Jupiter.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

Solar panel damage tends to occur after a major storm, such as a hurricane. The first thing to do is to determine where the damage is and what the extent of it is. The type of damage and the location of the damage will determine what needs to be done to fix it. Start with the mounting frame and go from there with the glass components and the wiring.

Who offers solar panel repair in Jupiter?

Repair the Damage

Once you determine where the damage is, it’s important to fix it as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to fix different issues:

Mounting Frame – Strong winds can cause damage to the mounting frame and weaken its anchors. If some of the bolts and cables are loose, tighten them to prevent the solar panels from falling off the roof.

Broken Glass – Before repairing broken glass, it’s important to make sure the panel still works. If it still works in some capacity, you can go forward with repairing the glass. You do not have to replace glasses that only have minor breaks around the edges and corners. Just use small pieces of stained glass tape to reattach the small broken parts together.

Are You in Need of Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter?

Solar panels are quite the investment. So, when they are in need of repair, don’t you want to leave it to professionals to fix? Contact us today to learn about our solar panel repair services.

Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter | Troubleshooting Tips

Why should I get solar pool heating in Florida?

Solar pool heaters have incredible benefits, both financially and environmentally. Like any other components with moving parts, it’s important that the heater is running well to achieve optimal usage. In some cases, you will need a solar pool heater repair in Jupiter. In some cases, though, you can fix it yourself. Let’s take a look at the latter and look at some of the more common things that happen with solar pool heaters.

Small Bubbles Going into the Pool

If your system is on and running but you are seeing small bubbles, it’s the first sign of a flow problem. The majority of the time, this can be fixed by simply cleaning the filter. If that doesn’t solve the problem though it could be a bigger issue. In that case, the vacuum relief valve might need to be replaced. In extreme cases, the entire pump might need to be replaced.

Who offers solar pool heater repair in Jupiter?

The Pool Isn’t Heating

Sometimes your pool service person will flip off the solar system. This is the most common reason for the pool not heating. It can be remedied by simply hitting the toggle switch on the solar valve. In other cases, service might need to be performed on the control system. Sometimes the control sensor will fail and, as a result, need to be replaced.

Are You Needing a Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter?

If you are having issues with your solar pool heater, you might need to have a technician come out and look at it. If that’s the case, contact us today at Abundant Energy.

Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter | How Can I Protect My Solar Panels?

Where can I find solar energy companies in Florida?

After making the decision to switch to solar energy and having the panels installed, you might think the process is over. It’s important though to keep your panels well maintained and protected. After all, getting solar panels is a large investment and it’s important to protect that investment, just like you would with your home. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can take preventative measures to protect your solar panels and avoid needing solar panel repair in Jupiter.

Trim Back Trees

It’s important to make sure that not only any trees that would hang over the panels are trimmed back, but they are far enough away as well as to not cause any damage. Branches and other debris could fall off and land on your solar panels, especially during high winds or storms, and cause damage. It’s also important not to plant any new trees near your panels.

Where can I find solar panel repair in Jupiter?

Be Prepared for Extreme Weather

Given that Florida is prone to strong afternoon thunderstorms that are usually packed full of lightning, it’s important to prepare for extreme weather when it comes to solar panels. That doesn’t even include the potential extreme weather that can be found during hurricane season. Installing things like a lightning conductor can keep it from causing damage, or even destroying your solar panels.

Are You in Need of Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter?

Sometimes, no matter how many preventative measures that you take, damage still occurs. When that happens, contact us at Abundant Energy to learn about our repair and maintenance services that we offer.

Solar Pool Heating in Florida | Properly Maintaining Your Solar Pool Heater

Why should I get solar pool heating in Florida?

In Florida, a pool is a great way to take advantage of year-round fun in the sun. There are times though that a pool heater can be useful. Nothing is worse than needing solar pool heating in Florida and it not working. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can properly maintain your solar pool heater year-round so it is ready to go when you need it.

Regular Maintenance

The most important, and arguably the easiest thing to do, is to perform the recommended regular maintenance on the heater and filtration system. The filter should be cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure adequate flow is supplied to the solar collectors, and the pool’s pH and chlorine levels must be maintained within the specified limits.

Touch Test

A properly operating solar pool heating system should feel cool to the touch. If the heater doesn’t feel cool to the touch, there might be an issue with the system.

Why should I get solar pool heating in Florida?


You are probably thinking to yourself, “I live in Florida, why would I need to worry about winterization?” For the most part, you are right. However, there are those few times a year where the temperature gets cold enough that the panels need to be shut off. Doing this ensures trouble-free performance for years to come.

Are You Interested in Solar Pool Heating in Florida?

Whether you are looking to get a solar pool heating system in Florida or just looking for someone to maintain it for you, Abundant Energy is here for all your solar heating needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter | Can a Solar Pool Heater Do the Job?

What are the benefits of solar pool heating in Florida?

As more people transition to going more green, solar energy has become more popular. That includes heating pools too. Unless your property is covered in dense trees, it just makes sense to use the sun to heat your pool. Let’s take a deeper look at how solar pool heaters work and how you can get a solar pool heater repair in Jupiter done.

Your Solar Heat Can Be Used to Cool the Pool Too

While you might think the purpose of a solar pool heater is to heat your pool, it can also drop the temperature as well. During the summer months when it is hot out, you can run the solar panels at night and drop the pool temperature.

Solar Panels Can Be Installed for In Ground and Above Ground Pools

Solar panels can be attached to the roof, hung on a rack, hung vertically on a fence and even laid flat on the ground. Solar pool panels are very easy to install and are very lightweight. They are made from a durable black polyolefin, a polymer with excellent heat absorption properties.

Who does solar pool heater repair in Jupiter?

Do Solar Pool Heaters Really Work?

Solar panels really do work if you have a sunny property, provided that you install enough panels to cover at least 50% of your pool’s surface.

Are You in Need of Solar Pool Heater Repair in Jupiter?

If you have a solar pool heater and are looking to have it repaired, look no further than Abundant Energy. Contact us today to learn more about how our trained technicians can repair your solar pool heater today.

Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter | How Durable Are Solar Panels?

What are the benefits of solar panel installation florida?

Solar cells are made of crystalline cells. The cells are only a few millimeters thick, and by themselves, they are actually quite fragile. Solar panels are made up of several solar cells with a frame around the edge to protect the cells. Let’s take a look at just how durable solar panels are and how potential issues can lead to solar panel repair in Jupiter.


Lack of moving parts is one reason why solar panels are very durable. They are able to withstand wide ranges of temperatures, weather conditions, and outside factors. They are also rigorously tested to stay strong against tree limbs, hail storms, 120+ mile per hour wind, and more.

Who offers solar panel repair in Jupiter?

Potential Issues

While solar panels are very durable, panel placement and location can affect durability. Panels should be kept away from areas that are prone to damage, such as from falling rocks or trees. Solar panels are not impenetrable. Generally, if it will break your roof, it will more than likely break your solar panels.

Are You in Need of Solar Panel Repair in Jupiter?

Regular maintenance can extend the longevity of your solar panels. Sometimes accidents and disasters still happen though. If something happens to your solar panels, we can help. At Abundant Energy, we offer technicians that are extensively trained in-house in all ways to repair solar panels. We offer as-needed maintenance at hourly rates, as well as prepaid Maintenance Agreements for a set period, or for the life of the equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can service and repair your solar panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance in Florida | Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Who are the best solar panel installers in Florida?

One of the big advantages of solar panels is the little maintenance required to upkeep them. While they require little maintenance and have a long shelf life, you want to make sure you stay on top of the little work that does need to be done to keep them running efficiently. Here are some tips for solar panel maintenance in Florida.

Inspect Your Panels Regularly

For the most part, solar panels are placed in high locations where they are not vulnerable to damage and ground-level debris. It is still important though to check them out from time to time. Any sort of debris build-up on the panels can result in them working less efficiently. Also, in extreme cases, solar panels have been known to suffer damage in extreme weather conditions.

Keep Your Panels Clean

In most cases, rain will keep your solar panels clean, especially if they are installed at an incline. If dust and debris do start to build up on the panels though, simply using water will clean them. Many people will spray them down with a hose. When cleaning the panels, it is important to avoid any sort of scratching of the glass. Scratched glass will reduce the amount of light that gets soaked up by the solar cells.

Where can I get solar panel maintenance in Florida?

Sun and Shade Monitoring

When your panels are first installed, they are installed in an area where the most sun reaches. Over time though, things can happen that might change that. Trees can grow out that reduce sunlight. New construction can go up that can block the sun as well. It’s important to make sure that your panels are receiving the optimal amount of sun.

Do You Need Solar Panel Maintenance in Florida?

At Abundant Energy we know how important solar panel maintenance is. We offer periodic inspections, maintenance and parts to all of our customers. Contact us today to learn more or to get a maintenance agreement quote.